Recommended Campervan Books

Looking for some great books to read on campervans?

Martin Dorey is a writer, surfer and camper van owner. He is also a green activist and the CEO of a brand new charity called The 2 Minute Foundation. He has published a series of excellent books about campervan trips around England, Scotland, and Ireland as well as “The Campervan Cookbook”. Please click here for a full list of his publications.


The Camper Van Bible. “We haven’t covered most of it. This is absolutely fantastic.” “There’s so much in it.” “There really is. And it’s sparked my interest all over again.” Steve Wright, BBC Radio 2.

“One Man And His Campervan’s Martin Dorey proved the perfect host for a tempting look at the Great British countryside in this sweet little ‘foodie’ programme.” Unnamed Metro Journalist.

The Camper Van Cookbook. “Martin, born in the stockbroker belt and a product of the staid suburbs, has reinvented himself as hunter-gathering Camper Van Man – and downshifting has never seemed so uplifting. His charmingly eccentric account of life on the road, one delicious recipe at a time, is set to become a modern outdoor classic.” Judith Woods, Mail on Sunday