Rhineland & Moselle Tour

Meandering slowly and serpentine-like through the uplands of the Rhenish Plateau, the
glittering River Mosel flows through one of Europe’s finest natural landscapes before
eventually joining the mighty River Rhine at Koblenz. Huddled along its banks are
ornately decorated, half-timbered, buildings whose slate roofs glisten silver in
the sunshine.

At its most picturesque between Trier and Cochem, the steep sides of the Middle Mosel
valley are adorned by a vivid patchwork pattern of vineyards. Cultivation of the small,
sweet Riesling grape is a passion here and the region’s wines are justly famous.

Trier is Germany’s oldest city. Past glory is evident in substantial Roman ruins and
an impressive old city centre. Its old world charms have been largely preserved by the
fact that in later years the city was rather by-passed, as the Rhine valley became
the main trading route.

Cochem is an attractive market town in the shadow of a towering medieval castle.
It is a well-known stopping point for Moselle valley cruises and a convenient base
for exploring the unusual volcanic landscape of the Eifel Plateau. Here verdant grassy
conical hills and deep blue crater lakes provide innumerable sports and outdoor pursuits

Standing at the head of the largest loop in the River Rhine, Boppard also has a Roman
and Celtic past. Stroll through colourful gardens along the waterfront promenade,
visit the impressive church of St Severus or look out across the valley from the
chairlift leading to the ‘Vierseenblick’ viewpoint.

Befitting its status as one of Germany’s leading cities, busy cosmopolitan Cologne has
immensely varied attractions from its awe-inspiring Gothic cathedral and medieval
cobbled streets, to ultra-modern shopping malls and a lively nightlife.