Rural Breakaway

Embark on Tranquil Rural Breaks in a Motorhome, Starting from Manchester!

If you’re seeking a peaceful escape amidst the beauty of the North of England, exploring rural areas in a motorhome is the perfect way to unwind. Starting from Manchester, you’ll have easy access to breathtaking countryside, charming villages, and hidden gems. Here are some idyllic rural destinations to consider for your motorhome adventure:

  1. The Yorkshire Dales: Just a short drive from Manchester, the Yorkshire Dales National Park offers magnificent landscapes. Explore rolling hills, cascading waterfalls, and picturesque villages like Grassington and Malham. Enjoy scenic walks or bike rides, take in the views from stunning vantage points like Malham Cove, and discover the park’s rich history and charming tea rooms.
  2. The Peak District: Located on Manchester’s doorstep, the Peak District National Park is a haven for nature lovers. With rugged moorlands, dramatic valleys, and enchanting dales, this park offers endless opportunities for outdoor adventures. Visit charming towns like Bakewell, known for its delicious tarts, and Castleton, home to stunning caves and the iconic Peveril Castle.
  3. The Lake District: Heading northwest from Manchester, you’ll find the renowned Lake District National Park. Immerse yourself in the beauty of serene lakes, towering mountains, and picturesque villages like Ambleside and Grasmere. Go hiking or boating on Lake Windermere, explore Beatrix Potter’s beloved Hill Top house, and indulge in local delicacies such as Cumberland sausage and Kendal mint cake.
  4. Northumberland: For a truly tranquil and remote experience, venture northeast to Northumberland. Explore its vast stretches of unspoiled coastline, with sandy beaches and dramatic cliffs. Visit historic sites like Alnwick Castle and Hadrian’s Wall, and revel in the peace and quiet of the Northumberland National Park, where stargazing opportunities are abundant.
  5. The Forest of Bowland: Nestled between the Yorkshire Dales and the Peak District, the Forest of Bowland Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty offers a serene escape. Experience its rolling hills, enchanting forests, and quaint villages like Clitheroe. Go for scenic drives, enjoy walks along the Ribble Valley, and savor delicious local produce in traditional country pubs.

Remember to plan your motorhome journey in advance, ensuring you have suitable camping or parking spots available. Many rural areas offer campsites, farm stays, or designated motorhome-friendly locations.

So, get ready to unwind, connect with nature, and embrace the tranquillity of the North of England’s rural landscapes. Start your motorhome adventure from Manchester and embark on a journey filled with breath-taking scenery, charming villages, and memorable experiences!

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