Safety Tips for your Campervan Hire UK & Ireland

Just a few safety tips when hiring your Campervan from Easicampers wigan, many of you will be driving a large vehicle for the first time on the other side of the road. This requires you to be mindful of the different skills required to stay safe while driving even if you are an experienced driver. During your check in, we will advise you on how to handle the campervan on the road. When you are on the road in your campervan, your safety is your responsibility. Here are some of our campervan safety tips to help you along the way.

Plan your journey.
Give yourself time to get to your destination. Call ahead if you are going to be late so you are not under pressure. Aim to set off and arrive at your destination in daylight.

Give yourself extra time.
Enjoy the scenic routes but give yourself extra time in rural and coastal locations in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Short distances on a map may take longer to travel in reality. There is an excellent network of motorway and A roads for long distances.

Stay awake.
Always remember to take regular breaks whilst driving especially when travelling long distances. Try to avoid early morning and late night drives.

Always wear a seat belt.
Don’t relax your attitude to safety because you are on your holiday. The same rules apply wherever and whenever you are driving.

Believe lower speed limits.
They are there because of hazards ahead.

Ignore speeders.
Don’t be put under pressure by the vehicle behind you. Maintain the speed that you are comfortable with that keeps in control of the campervan. Pull in and let them overtake you.

Keep your distance.
Don’t be tempted to tailgate to make the driver in front go faster. If the traffic needs to break suddenly you may require a longer stopping distance than your normal vehicle to avoid a collision.

Mobile phones
It is illegal to use a mobile phone for calls or texting while driving in Scotland and Ireland. If you need to make that call, pull over somewhere safe. No excuses. Maintain your concentration and enjoy the drive!

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