Scottish Motorhome Hire – Wild Camping

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Easicampers continues to invest heavily in its fleet in 2020. New additions to the fleet include the Auto-trail Tribute motorhome, Auto-trail T615 motorhome and the Fiat Toleno L motorhome.

Easicampers is number #1 in Scotland for hiring a motorhome for your Scottish adventure. With a great fleet, you can be sure your Scotland travelling experience is as best as it can be. We have a friendly rental team based in Scotland’s capital Edinburgh who will show you around the motorhome before you begin your Scottish venture!


Scotland, unlike England, is unique in that it allows wild camping (except in certain areas like Loch Lommand, and the Trossachs where permits are required please check

To ensure Scotland maintains this wild camping benefit to us all please follow the following guidelines:-

1. Always tidy up after camping in a remote area.
2. Try and leave the area BETTER than when you arrived.
3. If previous campers have left rubbish around please pick it up. I know this sounds crazy but we have to respect the countryside and maintain the beautiful surroundings.
4. Do not empty chemical toilets anywhere except designated places.
5. Please do your shopping for food and goodies in SCOTLAND. Please do NOT stock up at home and bring everyone you need to eat in the van. The Scottish people need to benefit from the hundreds of campers that descend on their beautiful highlands and islands i the summer. Its nice if they can benefit financially from this invasion. There are lots of small shops who welcome your spending power.
6. Smile and be happy. Happiness is contagious and the Scottish have a great sense of humour. Do not be too picky or obnoxious if things are not as slick or pristine as in your perfect city environment. Sometimes you will think you are in a time warp going back to the 50”s. Chill out and enjoy.
7. Roads can be very narrow, single track. If you have a line of cars behind you please stop and let them pass. They may be going to work whereas you are on your holidays.
8. If, at a passing point the car facing you does not give way please reverse if you can. Don’t get involved in a stand off. If they want to be petty then let them get on with it. Some people are small minded and petty. That is their problem. Reverse, if safe, smile, and enjoy your leisurely road trip around this stunning country.

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