Socially Distancing Motor home Hire

Motorhome travel during Covid 19

In a society distanced by 2 metres, a motorhome is actually the perfect way to travel! So why not hire a motorhome or a campervan in Wolverhampton.

Reasons to travel by motorhome during COVID 19:

It’s a quarantine box on wheels! A home away from home. It might even be easier to social distance in a campervan or motorhome on a field than the busy streets of a city.

Avoid other people and crowds in trains or planes, and instead keep safe in your motorhome. Head out to the countryside of Stratford or head to the Welsh Borders find your wide open spaces

Self reliant. With your own facilities and a kitchen on board, you can avoid communal facilities and live on your own devices. This also allows you to avoid busy campsites and focus on greener destinations.

An escape from home, as you may be going a little stir crazy. It allows you to explore and move, whilst still keeping safe and following all regulations.