South Coast motorhome tour

Renting a motorhome at our Heathrow depot and touring the South Coast of England can be a fantastic adventure, offering a blend of picturesque landscapes, historic sites, and charming seaside towns. Here’s a suggested itinerary for your motorhome journey:

Day 1-2: Heathrow to Brighton

  • Morning: Pick up your motorhome from Heathrow and head towards Brighton.
  • Afternoon: Explore Brighton’s famous pebble beach, the iconic Brighton Pier, and the Royal Pavilion.
  • Evening: Overnight stay in a campsite near Brighton.

Day 3-4: Brighton to Eastbourne

  • Morning: Drive along the scenic South Downs National Park towards Eastbourne.
  • Afternoon: Visit the Seven Sisters Cliffs for breathtaking views. Explore Eastbourne’s Victorian pier.
  • Evening: Camp overnight in a nearby campground.

Day 5-6: Eastbourne to Hastings

  • Morning: Head to Hastings, stopping at Beachy Head for more stunning cliffs.
  • Afternoon: Explore Hastings Old Town, visit the Fishermen’s Museum, and stroll along the seafront.
  • Evening: Camp in a campsite near Hastings.

Day 7-8: Hastings to Rye

  • Morning: Drive to Rye, a charming medieval town.
  • Afternoon: Explore Rye’s cobbled streets, historic buildings, and visit the Rye Castle.
  • Evening: Overnight stay in a campsite around Rye.

Day 9-10: Rye to Dover

  • Morning: Head to Dover, visit the iconic White Cliffs of Dover and Dover Castle.
  • Afternoon: Explore Dover’s port area and take a stroll along the waterfront.
  • Evening: Camp overnight in a nearby campground.

Day 11-12: Dover to Portsmouth

  • Morning: Drive to Portsmouth, visit the historic dockyard, home to the HMS Victory and the Mary Rose.
  • Afternoon: Explore the Spinnaker Tower and stroll along Southsea Common.
  • Evening: Camp in a campsite near Portsmouth.

Day 13: Portsmouth to Heathrow

  • Morning: Start your journey back to Heathrow.
  • Afternoon: Return the motorhome and catch your flight or extend your stay in London.


  1. Campsite Reservations: During peak seasons, it’s advisable to book campsites in advance.
  2. Motorhome Essentials: Make sure your motorhome is well-equipped with essentials like kitchenware, bedding, and camping gear.
  3. Driving in the UK: Familiarize yourself with UK driving rules and regulations, especially if you’re not accustomed to driving on the left side of the road.
  4. Weather: Pack accordingly as the weather on the South Coast can vary, and it’s always good to be prepared for rain.

Enjoy your motorhome adventure along the beautiful South Coast of England in our Easicampers motorhome or campervan! Call for a quote on 01942778899.