Suffolk and Norfolk

Suffolk and Norfolk are both beautiful counties in England with plenty of hidden gems to explore in a motorhome. Here are some hidden gems to visit in the Suffolk and Norfolk areas, along with suggestions for relaxed campsites to stay at:

  1. Orford Ness, Suffolk:
    • Explore the unique Orford Ness National Nature Reserve, a shingle spit with a rich history and diverse wildlife.
    • Campsite Suggestion: The “Orford Camping and Caravan Park” is a peaceful and family-friendly campsite located nearby.
  2. Thornham, Norfolk:
    • Visit Thornham Village, a picturesque coastal village with stunning marshes, a working harbor, and excellent seafood.
    • Campsite Suggestion: “The Dunes Campsite” in nearby Brancaster is a relaxed campsite close to the beach.
  3. Bungay, Suffolk:
    • Discover the historic market town of Bungay, known for its medieval architecture, Bungay Castle, and the scenic River Waveney.
    • Campsite Suggestion: “Outney Meadow Caravan Park” is a tranquil riverside campsite just outside Bungay.
  4. Cley Marshes, Norfolk:
    • Explore the Cley Marshes Nature Reserve, a haven for birdwatchers, with its boardwalks and bird hides overlooking the wetlands.
    • Campsite Suggestion: “Mays Farm Campsite” in nearby Salthouse offers a peaceful stay in a rural setting.
  5. Framlingham, Suffolk:
    • Visit Framlingham Castle, a stunning medieval fortress, and explore the charming market town of Framlingham.
    • Campsite Suggestion: “Hill Farm Camping and Caravan Park” is a quiet campsite within walking distance of Framlingham.
  6. Winterton-on-Sea, Norfolk:
    • Enjoy the unspoiled beauty of Winterton Dunes and the sandy beach, which is a great spot for seal watching.
    • Campsite Suggestion: “Waveney River Centre” offers a riverside location and relaxed atmosphere near Winterton-on-Sea.
  7. Southwold, Suffolk:
    • Stroll along Southwold’s colorful beach huts, visit the iconic pier, and sample local Adnams beer.
    • Campsite Suggestion: “Southwold Camping and Caravan Site” is a short walk from the town center.
  8. Blakeney, Norfolk:
    • Explore the charming village of Blakeney, go on a boat trip to see seals, and enjoy the coastal scenery.
    • Campsite Suggestion: “The Langham Blue Bell” is a relaxed campsite near Blakeney with a friendly atmosphere.

Remember to check availability and book your campsite in advance, especially during peak seasons. These hidden gems offer a mix of natural beauty, historical sites, and charming towns to explore while enjoying a relaxed motorhome adventure in Suffolk and Norfolk.

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