Travelling to the Alps.

When it comes to travelling to the Alps, there is little better than getting there on the open road. The snow-capped peaks rushing past you as you take in the breath taking views of north France from the Alpine peaks making everything so much more aesthetically pleasing.

So why not hire one of Easicamperss new motorhomes or campervans and take the open road to the Alps this winter.

The Price Difference

Going skiing in the Alps can be a very expensive ordeal when you include the price of the flights, hotel and added extras such as airport taxes and luggage.  The flights will come in at around £100 minimum at that time of year and the hotels will average out at around £40-80 a night per person. This in turn means that after a seven-day stay, your holiday can easily come in at around the £500 mark per head. Then take into account your group size and you have a massive bill.

Now consider a motorhome journey, getting a better experience with more freedom and control over your journey for a lower price

The Journey Becomes the Destination

The journey to the Alps passes through beautiful landscapes and rigid terrain that offers breath-taking views of England, France and parts of Switzerland. The rolling country side of Staffordshire and the south of England, then followed by the rolling hills and more rigid country side of France and the quaint little villages that France offers. Finally accompanied by snow-capped peaks that boast epic views over France, Switzerland and Italy.

The journey is also more forgiving to pit stops and overnight stays in villages or cities along the way. The motorhome allows you to do this at no extra cost, so you can get out and explore what France and the Alps have on offer for the intrepid explorer or modern family alike. There is also Paris or the tourist locations along the way that could be of interest; this in turn allows you to make every location along the way the destination to be able to help you make the most of your family get away.

The Quality Time Together

When you are getting a plane, you do not have the chance to be able to talk and converse with your family or friends in the same way you do in a motorhome. In a motorhome you are with your family or friends on the entire journey, this gives you time alone without external noise from the other passengers and you are in your own little zone. In this environment, you can really come out of your shell and hold in-depth meaningful conversation, have a laugh amongst friends or talk about memories and reminisce in the past. Either way a motorhome opens possibilities to you that are simply not available in flight.

More Luggage

When you are going skiing, you are going to need to be able to bring more luggage than you would on a normal summer sun holiday, this in turn makes a motorhome perfect. There is more than enough room in the cabin to be able to store everything you need for the journey and for when you hit the slopes. Things like warm clothing, skis, food supplies, drinks, gadgets and much more can all be stowed away in the cabin or in the storage units in the under base of the motorhome and in turn avoids the large baggage charges that would occur at the airport or the train station if you were to catch the euro star.

All taken into account, the motorhome trip works out a lot more beneficial for your budget, luxury and quality time with your family.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01942 77 88 99 if you require any information about taking your motorhome of campervan abroad or wish to make a booking we will be more than happy to help you make your booking, for that winter trip.