What is your ideal camping trip?

This summer we have been booked out on our motorhomes and met all kinds of motorhome and camper van hirers  along the way from wigan. Whilst you are all unique there are some types of campers that stand out, can you relate to any?

Family Fun Camping

These are our most popular motorhome and campervan hire’s over the summer as the kids are off school for 6 weeks, so we meet lots of people going on family camping holidays.

Families of 3 or up to 6 can hire motorhomes and campervans to suit them, whether planning a UK holiday or traveling over to Europe motorhome camping is a cost effective way to get a great holiday.

Our vw campervans are 4 berth and will seat 4 people traveling.

Motorhome and campervan camping gives families the ability to be flexible and explore, it is a great way to bond as a family as you are away from TV and internet for the majority of time and you get to see remote places or a cheap way to visit popular cities.

Most camp sites are family friendly and have activities for all ages.

Festival Camping

Another popular camping activity over the summer is festival camping, the big festivals like Glastonbury all have motorhome and vw campervan camping available and is a great way to experience the festivals in comfort with toilet facilities on your motorhome.

For festivals we see all types of motorhomes being booked out, from the small motorhomes and vans to the big luxury motorhomes for those who really want to party in style.

As we have motorhomes up to 6 berth and campervans upto 4 berth this is a great way for you and lots of your friends to travel down together and enjoy festivals together with all the mod cons you enjoy.

Luxury Camping

Not everyone likes to rough it, but they do enjoy the outdoors and the experience of camping. The benefits of camping are so much more than roughing it so those of us who like to travel in style and like home comforts then they often opt for our luxury motorhomes

The luxury motorhome we currently have on offer has the best interiors and room to sleep up to 6in the motorhome and 4 in the vw California campervans, but also has ample storage space for lots of luggage or sports equipment like bicycles.

It even has a double L shaped dining area for the best dining experience you could have whilst camping.

Camping with Pets

Pets are part of the family and camping with a motorhome is one way that you can take your pets on holiday. Many dog owners come to us every year to hire out our pet friendly motorhomes.

Taking your dog/pet on holiday can be very rewarding and also save a lot of money on kennel costs if you are planning to be away for a long time (some of our customers like to take the full 6 weeks off travelling around the UK and Europe).

You can take motorhomes to Europe for a real  adventure and camp sites are often very accommodating to dogs and pets. You will need to make sure you have a doggie passport if taking your dog across the channel to mainland Europe.

 Community Camping

This is when campers decide to holiday in a group, you often get group bookings of a few motorhomes and a few families. Some will travel separately and set up together at the campsites, often pitching tents and awnings for more space and more permanent communities.

This can be a really nice way to create a bit of a village away from home and there are plenty of well situated camp sites that have lots of nearby amenities and things to entertain everyone for 2 or 3 weeks.

Sports Camping

We have seen an increase in sports camping this year, couples, friends or families booking motorhomes to travel to sports activities or events.

Sometimes this is as a spectator, such as for the Tour de France or the Euros, but sometimes people book out the motorhomes to take part in a series of events or to travel to activities such as cycling, hiking or climbing.

So which type of camper fits you the best? Do you think we’ve missed any? We would love to hear from you if you have been on any of these trips over at Easicampers wigan.

If you wish to book one of our motorhomes or campervans then please do not hesitate to contact us at wigan Easicampers on 01942 821080 and the team will be happy to help.