Wild Camping in the UK

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Here I have found some wild camping places in the uk I thought maybe of interest to you if you are thinking of taking a relaxing trip around the uk.

Wild camping in the UK can be one of the most aesthetically rewarding holidays you can take part in, especially in an Easicampers motorhome or campervan. A wide array of smaller activities and rural locations makes for amazing views in a tranquil and relaxing environment. So take a look at our range of amazing British wild camping locations if you want to be able to make the most from your wild camping trip.


Dartmoor is an amazing national park in the South of England that unlike other locations in England, allows wild camping to a variety of people. Wild camping in Dartmoor is legal and widely available so long as you do not stay in the same spot for more than two consecutative nights (to prevent damage to ground and shadow vegetation.)This wild camping location is fairly unknown by the general public, as the general rule of thumb is that wild camping is only available in Scotland, so in turn there is usually a lack of people wild camping in the area and it’s very easy to find a untouched and tranquil spot to spend the night.

Dartmoor has a warmer climate than any other wild camping locations in the UK due to its southern position and in turn allows more heat. The park its self has a huge amount of small stone built structures such as various bridges and cottages, which all add to the over aesthetic of the national park.


This is a remote location on the northern coast of Scotland, which boasts a wide range of small lakes and lagoons to be able to camp around and make the most of your trip. With the smaller stereotypical Scottish hamlets in the area boasting true rural Scottish heritage it is certainly worth a visit. The small beaches of Kearvaig and Achiemore offer spectacular views over the ocean and in turn give you something beautiful to wake up to. Whilst at the same time, camping at Balnakeil gives you an amazing blue sea in a remote Scottish bay to wake up to in the mornings, giving you an amazing start to your day.

Isle of Lewis

The Isle of Lewis is one of the more remote islands off the coast of Scotland and in turn boasts one of the most beautiful ethos’ in the whole of the country. Situated in the Outer Hebrides and accessible only by ferry, these islands get very tourist traffic and in turn make for the best holidays if you are looking to escape the crowds. You can get the ferry to this location from Ullapool to Stornoway, which is the biggest settlement on the island, and from their take one of the few roads the island holds to be able to locate the perfect spot for you.

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The best locations on the island to get away from the poor weather are located on the southeast coast of the island. This comes as this coast of the island is less windy than the other due to the rocky outcrop taking the majority of the beating. However, the northwest side of the island has a stronger level of winder and more beautiful oceanic views so it is up to you which one you prefer.

There is an amazing location on the Tobson South beach, which is on the Northwest coastal region of the island and is sheltered from the wind due to its rocky outcrop. This gives amazing views over the smaller islands during the morning and allows you to see the sunrise over the south of the island and the bay.

Galloway Forest

Galloway forest is a Spruce plantation planted in the rural areas of Scotland to be able to preserve the Scottish woodland, it’s very rural nature and remote location earned it a dark skies award due to lack of light pollution due to its rural location. The forest its self covers 300 miles and in turn is one of the largest forested areas in Scotland and can be seen from an array of surrounding mountains. Loch Neldricken and Loch Enoch and a huge load of other lochs sit within the area and in turn, the forested lochs can make for an amazing spectacle on appearances.  If you love any sports such as Mountain biking or Fartleck that require rough and rigid terrain then this could be the perfect location for you with its inclined terrain and heavy density of trees.

Calgary Bay

Calgary bay is a small location on the west coast of Mull, this small in crop boasts amazing views out to see and of the small Gaelic buildings on the island.  There is even a castle looking out over the bay, which adds to the overall image that the bay gives to the beholder and gives yet another attraction to the location. The bay is located 8 miles from Tobermory and has very easy access once you reach the island by ferry. This means that you should have no problems accessing the bay and can easily get there, pitch up and enjoy your motorhome holiday.

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