Winter travel.

When it comes to motorhome or campervan holidays in the autumn, winter and the more northern regions of the UK, the weather can become very cold and in turn, you may be swayed away from travelling in this time of year or heading north to the northern regions of Scotland. Plus, with the colder months only around the corner, knows a few ways to be able to avoid the concerns and enjoy your motorhome holiday in the colder climate. People love this time of year as it isn’t as busy in the summer and there’s not as much traffic on the road.  We have availability for both the campervan and motorhome over at Easicampers wigan


Regardless of the location you are considering a holiday too, when the colder weather begins to take hold of the area it tends to begin to thin out the crowds and prevent people wanting to head to those said locations. However, what they don’t realise is that in the colder months there are significantly less crowds so a whole load of activities become a lot more pleasant. For example if you’re heading to a theme park you can expect to wait for less time.

Seasonal Aesthetics

Every location in the UK and the majority of Europe changes significantly in the seasonal move from summer to winter. Things such as the fall of snow in North Scotland, The frozen lakes in Cumbria and the mist that settles on the Yorkshire Dales  all seem to tie together to bring you a whole new aesthetic that millions of people miss during the summer months. Then there is the added bonus of there being less people in the colder regions and months. In turn, there are less people spoiling any views you may have of the landscape if you are heading to a rural location or any debris they may leave behind from their motorhome holidays or camping trips.

Different Activities

The winter brings an array of different activities through the country; indoor activities seem to flourish whilst the majority of outdoor activities and sport seem to die off with only a few exceptions.

An example of this flourish in winter sports is skiing, which becomes available in Northern Scotland during the colder months and brings in people from all over the region. However, with many people, opting to travel out of the UK for a ski break simply as they do not realise Scotland has ski resorts, it can be fairly empty during the winter months and in turn, you can usually very easily get a few runs in during the day without long waits.

Prepare Different

Preparation is key for a motorhome get away and preparing for a winter get away is always harder than a summer. You will need to consider things such as extra blankets, thicker coats, lots of changes of clothes for getting wet, emergency kits for if you were to break down, warm food and a wide selection of other things. Packing the same items you would in the summer will result in you being cold when you are doing day-to-day activities out of the motorhome. All of Easicampers motorhomes and campervans  have winter installation, so you should be fine as far as keeping warm in the motorhome or campervan, however it is better to be comfortable and cosy in the night after a long day exploring so extra blankets and other items are still very necessary.

If you are considering a winter break then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us over at Easicampers wigan to make your booking or if you require any further information.